5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Ridiculously Romantic

1. Stay connected before the ceremony

  • ‘Sew’ the seeds of love by embroidering a loving message onto a handkerchief, pocket square or the underside of a tie. This sentiment can be worn/carried with you not only on your Wedding Day, but hopefully on future special occasions as well.
  • Write special notes to one other and have them hand-delivered by members of your wedding party at the same hour. Then each find a quiet private corner to simultaneously read the other’s message. What an incredibly romantic way of communicating that you’re a team. Challenge yourselves by setting parameters on your exchange: use 10 or fewer words; share your favourite love song lyric or write a brief description of the quality you value most in your relationship.
  • Plan a private pre-ceremony First Look away from guests. Not only does this provide the opportunity to reconnect after a surely busy morning, it also offers one final pep talk before publicly exchanging vows. If you’re partial to the traditional wedding aisle awe, consider a loving First Touch instead. This simple hand hold from behind a door is as powerful as it is romantic.

2. Channel you when saying ‘I do’

  • As guests arrive to your ceremony location, have personalized tissue packets available for dabbing those guaranteed happy tears. If you’re crafty, wrap them with string or lace, affix with a cute message and seal them with a wax monogrammed stamp.
  • Have your partner meet you halfway up aisle and walk the final stretch together. Perhaps you’re greeted with an offering – one single flower to be placed behind your ear or a kiss on the forehead. This approach gives us ALL the feel goods!
  • At the altar, read excerpts from love notes you’ve written to one another over the years. (This is a great reason to have personalized tissue packets available!)

3. Sneak away to reflect

  • If your ceremony site is separate from the reception venue, drive from one location to the other just the two of you. Perhaps splurge on renting a vintage car to really punctuate that timeless romantic feel. If driving isn’t necessary, plan to sneak away with your photographer to capture those honest heartfelt moments immediately following the ceremony.
  • Rather than channelling a divide-and-conquer approach to your cocktail reception, delegate to your immediate family and wedding party. They can meet and greet guests and be points of contact for event staff while you concern yourselves only with melting into every moment.
  • In lieu of a traditional Head Table, opt instead to sit alone at a darling little sweetheart table. Cuddle that much closer, whisper a bit sweeter and soak in being officially newlywed. This approach also allows for members of your wedding party to sit with their significant others.

4. Involve those you love the most

  • Share romantic facts about your relationship in fun and creative ways. Placing framed tidbits of information at each table – such as “Did you know our dogs were included in the marriage proposal?” – will certainly spark conversation between your guests. Alternatively, you could use your table numbers themselves to share facts! Table 5: Day in November We First Met. Table 3: Number of Dates We Went On Before Kissing.
  • Request that your guests offer romantic date night ideas, solid marriage advice or words of wisdom in lieu of a traditional guest book.
  • Offer your bouquet to the couple in the room married the longest and dedicate a classic love song to them. “At Last” by Etta James or “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” by Elvis both made our favourite 1st dance songs list. What a great (and ridiculously romantic) way of paying homage to lifelong lovebirds.  

5. Bottle that joy for another day

  • Seal in a box the private Wedding Day notes you wrote to one another with a bottle of your favourite wine or bubbly and re-open on a milestone anniversary.
  • Roll up the advice/wisdom messages provided by your guests and place them in vessels marked by year. On your 3rd year of marriage, for instance, revisit a handful of heartfelt reminders from those you hold near and dear. On Year 5, read another set. And so on, and so on.

Jocelyn Maund, Special Event Consultant | Spencer’s at the Waterfront

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