Does Anyone Eat Gluten? How to Accommodate Dietary Restrictions

What are the makings of a great wedding that will leave your guests raving?

  • Beautiful venue ✓
  • Fully stocked bar ✓
  • A DJ that keeps the party going ✓

All of these are key to an amazing wedding reception, but one item may surpass them all: the menu.

We love everything about food here at Pearle Weddings. We are also very aware of the growing need for variety and accessibility when it comes to menus. Dietary restrictions are not just about preferences and allergies can range from minor intolerances to anaphylactic reactions to certain foods. Whether your guests are vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or following a halal or kosher diet, you want to ensure their needs are taken care of.  The thought of providing ample options for guests can be daunting, so here are a few ideas to help you be as accommodating as possible:

Ask for allergies/dietary restrictions when guests RSVP

By including a question on your invitation or on your wedding website. Having the opportunity to voice their needs shows that you care, and most allergy sufferers will appreciate the gesture. 

Pick chefs and/or caterers that have extensive knowledge

Experience delivering a wide array of dishes that not only work with your guest’s restrictions and tolerances but are also tasty and unique. Qualified chefs will know how to keep cross contamination at bay and still offer your guests an amazing meal.

Don’t skip the menu tasting.

At Pearle Weddings, couples have a chance to try the all the amazing food that their guests will enjoy on their wedding day. At our menu tastings, chefs prepare not only the items on the regular seasonal menu, but the vegetarian and vegan options as well. This gives couples the opportunity to know that all their guests will be receiving a flavourful and filling meal that caterers to their specific needs.

Offer a detailed menu card or well labelled signage on your buffet.

This will ensure your guests know exactly what is being served for dinner and what is in the dish, and invites guests to ask a server if they are unsure of something. If a large number of your guests are vegan, make mention of the vegan items on your menu. Menus and signage will also give you the opportunity to further incorporation your wedding theme and décor.

While it is OK to want to accommodate all your loved ones, you must remember to trust your guests. They know their allergy better than anyone and have become advocates for themselves. Be compassionate towards their allergy/restriction, but remember not to go overboard with accommodations (do not cause yourself undue stress!)

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