Our Top Tips for Virtual Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding day with a closed venue during this pandemic can cause countless different stresses, however there are some beneficial trips and tricks I have shared with my couples to help keep the creative ball rolling on your special day. Although you may have limited to no access into the physical space you have booked, there are still tons of things you can cross off your list from the comfort of your own home.

You’ve found the person, the ring and the venue – you are all set to start the exciting process of planning your wedding day. The uninvited presence of the COVID-19 pandemic should not stop this excitement or put a damper on your ability to keep the preparation juices flowing. My first suggestion to couples looking to continue their wedding planning from home is to take to the internet, specifically YouTube and Instagram. One of my favorite things to do when reminiscing on weddings seasons past is to look up my top 3 venues and watch the professional quality videos filmed at real weddings. The popularity of wedding videographers is not only great for the couples to relive their wedding day, but this also offers the chance for others to see beautiful visuals of the venues. My tip to Brides who are doing this is to try and search for the most up to date wedding videos that they can find of their chosen venue. This will ensure that all the details in the physical space are up to date and will likely remain the same for their big day. Another tip would be to try and find wedding videos that are within the same season as their wedding. This will help to again give you an accurate representation of your space both inside as well as outside.

A planned photo route is such an important part of the day and luckily you will be getting a sneak peek by watching these videos. You can start to plan your favorite locations and photo ideas which will be a huge benefit as you approach the wedding day. You can always ask your hired photographer or videographer if they have worked at your chosen venue before. If they have posts on Instagram this would definitely be worth looking into for inspiration, while also getting you excited for the big day ahead.

Keep in mind that although this may not be the dream wedding planning you envisioned, you are not alone! Many couples who choose destination weddings or have booked a venue sight unseen have all gone through the same limitations that you might be facing. Most venues have additional information they can share such as virtual tours, slideshows and floor plans to help give you a better understanding of the space without having to step foot inside. Reach out to others, speak to your Wedding Planner or Venue Coordinator and work together to paint the picture that your dream wedding will be.

3 things you can start to plan with your S.O while in quarantine:

1. Start to write your wedding vows!

Whether you are recently engaged or in the midst of planning your big day, this is the perfect time to get down to writing your vows. Do your research, a lot of couples are choosing to personalize this aspect of the wedding ceremony with more modern assurances. If you need some inspiration, Pinterest and Youtube are great platforms to start to get the wheels turning (don’t worry if it takes some time – Rome wasn’t built in a day!) Once you have the final draft complete, tuck the vows away until your wedding day when you can share them with your family and friends, remembering together how much fun you both had writing them.

2. Learn your first dance!

This is a great option if you are currently at home with your special someone. Again, do your research and openly communicate as a couple what you would like your first dance to look like. Once you have chosen the style of dance, you can have fun together listening to all your favorite love songs to find the perfect one. Finally, get up and try! Practice makes perfect and you’ll be sure to impress your guests with the hidden dance moves you’ve learned. *Tip: take to Youtube for your FREE dance lessons! Also check out Instagram for virtual dance lessons that usually don’t cost a dime!*

3. Choose your wedding playlist!

Although your first dance will entice your guests to the dance floor, you want to make sure they stay there. Choosing your “Must have” and “Must not have” list of songs is a really fun way to personalize your wedding playlist. Look through old Facebook memories to spark throwback songs & talk to your parents about the classics. There should be something for everyone during your dance party but remember, it’s your wedding! If would rather not see the Cha-Cha Slide or the Macarena, make sure to let your DJ know! *Fun Tip: When you send out your invites – ask for song requests!*

Laura Miles, Special Event Consultant | Earth to Table: The Farm

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