A Note From Our Team

As we reflect on our current situation, we gain new perspective daily on our business.  While it may seem like the landscape of weddings has changed dramatically in the shadows of this global pandemic, we are here to show you how many things have altered for the better and some that have never waivered.

In our day to day life, not just our beautiful weddings, we are learning to be more patient, more understanding of the needs of others and to see with more open eyes and hearts.

We at Pearle Weddings continue to remain available to all our couples; to discuss your needs, to help continue planning your beautiful day or just to lead a sympathetic ear if you need to talk. Take unsolicited advice from message boards and forums with a grain of salt. If you have questions, pick up the phone or email your dedicated consultant, who is brimming with knowledge and is here to help anytime.

Looking to plan your dream day amid uncharted territory? Unsure how to even start your journey? Ask us for the map! We have the years of experience, resources to guide you and talented wedding professionals to help you walk down that aisle and into the arms of your true love!

Our love of weddings, for genuine hospitality and for caring for our couples will never change.  We remain committed to this, to you and to seeing all of you again very soon!

Vanessa Davis, Executive Special Events Consultant

We’re passionate about weddings.

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