Weddings are days that people dream about for years. That special day, where you commit the rest of your life to the one person in this world who completes you. Your best friend and soul mate waits for you at the end of the aisle and you begin a journey that you have planned and thought about since you were young. Surrounded by your loved ones, you join your hands, lives and hearts and celebrate your love for each other. It is the perfect day!

As we navigate through this current global pandemic, where lives seem turned upside down and we need to keep distance between the most important people in our lives, we are being reminded the LOVE IS NOT CANCELLED.

One of our couples from our Whistle Bear property have been dreaming of April 4, 2020 for as long as they can remember. Heather had known that April 4th would always be her day. Since she was a little girl, 4’s have had special meaning for her and when she and Steven started planning their day, 04/04 just made sense. Finding our that their preferred venue, Whistle Bear Golf Club, was available on their dream date sealed the deal. With 18 months to plan, special birthdays to also celebrate and an amazing team behind them, nothing could go wrong.

Jump forward to March of 2020 and those dreams seemed to come crashing down. All the planning could not stop what was happening. Closures became reality, social distancing the norm and we all are doing our part to keep our loved ones safe and healthy.

While Heather and Steven could have given up, succumbed to the reality that their dream day would never happen, instead they worked with their consultant Leah, vendors and planner, and decided to prove that nothing could stop their love.

With a new date chosen to throw their party in November, the couple went ahead and planned a small intimate exchange of their vows on their wedding day. Heather repurposed her rehearsal dress for the ceremony and she and Steven rode up to her Grandpa’s farm on his motorcycle (which had always been his dream, but Heather had other ideas). The Mother of the Bride had curbside picked up flowers from Michaels and decorated the area outside of Grandpa’s barn.

The words that their pastor spoke tied these two together forever. April 4th, 2020 will continue to be their wedding anniversary. They did not let anything stop the dream of their date. With flexibility and a little elbow grease, they proved that love conquers all.

Heather and Steven will say their personalized vows, wear their gown and tux and celebrate with a larger group of loved ones at Whistle Bear in November. When they dine on amazing food and dance the night away surrounded by family and friends, they will think back to a quiet night in April, on a HouseParty call with their close family, enjoying Moose Winooski’s curbside pick-up, and smile, remember their perfect wedding day.

We’re passionate about weddings.

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