Is my Special Day Still Special? Tips on How to Honour Your Original Wedding Date

At the beginning of 2020, you could not have prepared me for the reality that we are living in now. As a wedding planner, we were gearing up for another busy and wonderful wedding season. Couples were making appointments for meetings, booking rehearsals and sitting down for their menu tasting, looking forward to a night coming up where they would walk down the aisle in front of their family and friends, and marry the love of their life.

Once our world flipped upside down, we have worked tirelessly to help our couples during this trying time. While we could not host many of the celebrations we were looking forward to, we helped all our couples move to safer times. But what about their original date? That date, so etched in their hearts, monogrammed into invitations, and dreamt about for so long. How do you keep that date special? How do you celebrate the planning that had gone into that special day? We have heard from so many of our couples, and many of them are honouring their original date in amazing ways.

Many couples have gone right ahead and still exchanged their vows on their wedding date. Smaller, more intimate ceremonies are popping up everywhere, and couples are saving the party for when the world is a safer place for larger groups. Drive-by ceremonies, live streaming your vows from your backyard or just the two of you and your officiant saying those magical words that tie you together for life is honouring the date you had always planned on. Treating the larger party as a vow renewal and celebrating with friends and family is an excellent alternative to setting a new date.

An intimate dinner for two, complete with an amazing dinner and a lovely bottle of wine can also be a way to make your date special. Talk about the future and how, someday soon, you will be able to celebrate your love for each other with all your loved ones. Our Pearle Venues have put together an Anniversary Box that may be perfect for this occasion. Inspired by our wedding menus, this three-course meal with wine pairing is a great solution to help you honour your day.

What if you want to be with some of those loved ones on your special day? Set up a Zoom party or Houseparty with your family and friends to celebrate! Have a great night virtually with those closest to you.

However you honour your original wedding date, always remember, at the end of the day what counts the most is being with that one person who makes your heart flutter and who will walk through this life with you, side by side. A date is just a date. Love is NEVER CANCELLED.  

Written by Jocelynn Maund | Special Events Consultant at Spencer’s at the Waterfront

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