I’m a Wedding Planner During COVID-19 – Now What?

Just like all of you, my life has been upended by this global pandemic that we call Covid-19. Daily life has changed dramatically, I am unable to spend time with my family and friend who we see daily. We have had to tighten our budget, make sacrifices and alternate plans for our spring plans.

One of the biggest changes is my work life. I am a wedding planner. Yes, I am the one who helps her beautiful couples plan the biggest and most important day of their lives. I organize and plan weddings from small intimate ceremonies and dinner to elaborate, flower and candle filled extravaganzas. I love what I do. And now, my entire industry is shut down.

In all honesty, when this began, I panicked. Fully, and utterly panicked. How do I help my couples? How can I listen to someone, who I have had the pleasure to get to know and care for, cry on the other side of the phone line because the day they have imagined since they were young may not happen?  How can we navigate through this unprecedented situation? I’ll tell you how!  With hope, compassion and with the help of others.

Let me break it down for you. My three favourite parts of my job is

  1. getting to know my couples,
  2. walking you through planning and, most important,
  3. watching you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life. Even in this unbelievable time, these 3 things are still here!

I am still here to get to know you.

Tell me about the first day you met, how you knew they were the right person for you. Let’s talk about how you got engaged. Explain to me what your dream day looks like. I want to know all about what your vision looks like.

Let’s keep planning!

I am still here with you. Let’s chat about your love of food and how your fiancé needs to have that special scotch for the big day! Express to me how important your Father/Daughter dance is. I will still make sure your crazy Uncle Joe is kept under control of your big day. We will keep going on this journey together.

I will watch you walk down the aisle!

Yes, it may be on a new date, but this will still happen. You are going to look amazing and I will be right there with you, as you take your take your Dad’s arm, have one last check of your dress or tux, wipe that tear from your eye and look back over your shoulder at me with the biggest smile on your face. You will look down that aisle into the eyes of the love of your life and walk towards them and the rest of your life together.

The world is going to come through this. We will rise above this situation and come out on the other side. The days will brighten, and the world will heal. And you will walk down the aisle!

Jocelynn Maund, Special Event Consultant | Spencer’s at the Waterfront

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